Declaration of Policy

In 2001 the Kluthe Group extended their international activities by founding Kluthe UK. Kluthe UK pursues a policy relative to Quality, Working / Operating Conditions and the Environment.

Kluthe UK is a specialist in supplying chemical products for surface technologies and metalworking. We develop, produce and supply Products with numerous applications. Our products and services must meet our customer’s quality expectations, varied operational conditions and those we impose on ourselves. The quality, working conditions and environmental performance of our company is subject to continual improvement, thanks to preventive measures, improvements based on continuous development programmes and innovation.

The central theme is an optimum quality/ cost ratio, our observation and awareness of the legislative requirements, prescriptions and rules promulgated by national and local authorities in the area of health & safety and environmental standards are a basic condition.

Wherever desirable from the point of view of health & safety and the environment, we adopt measures that exceed the legal requirements. But such measures must be economically, technologically and practically feasible.

In addition to our products, we offer our customers an efficient information service, both technical and commercial. The advice covers not only the quality aspects of our products and services, but also the interface between our products, health & safety and the environment. Thanks to our product quality, our advice and service, which exceptionally covers services related to recycling, our mission is clearly defined, by taking a leading role in the market ahead of our competitors.

The high quality in all aspects of our operational activities including products, product development, production process, our customer service and the continual care that we devote in all these factors to health & safety and the environment, together they determine the success of our enterprise. We collaborate intensively with our customers and suppliers in the development of our activities.

The following requirements are an integral part of the decision making process in our Company’s activities:

  • Ensuring the health & safety of our employees, purchasers, the neighbouring community and all other persons coming in to contact with our activities and products.
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Protecting the quality of the environment
  • Preventing disruption and nuisance

Our employees are bound by this quality, working conditions and environmental policy and by the aims as set out in the Budgeting/Objectives plan and the annual report. Employees and external personnel involved, are informed of the relevant parts of the quality, working conditions and environmental system and thanks to their skills and ideas they contribute significantly in ensuring the company’s growth and continuity,

Work that is performed with an awareness of quality, working conditions and environmental requirements starts with the human resources function and spreads throughout research and development, purchasing department, commercial sales and activities, to the extent that this is an economical and environmentally sound operational activity.
For The Management

J. Westerveld.